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Fred Forney - Chasing Horizons
(OA2 Records 22053)

  1. Nearly Human (6:30)
  2. Astoria (7:59)
  3. Chasing Horizons (8:16)
  4. Meditation No. 1 (6:39)
  5. Fireflys (8:13)
  6. The Mystic (7:30)
  7. The Simplest Things (6:08)

Fred Forney - trumpet/flugelhorn
Brice Winston - tenor sax
Chuck Marohnic - piano
Dwight Kilian - bass
Dom Moio - drums

Recorded April 25, 2008 at Tempest Recording, Tempe, AZ
Mastered by DAVE SHIRK at Sonorus Mastering
Cover photograph by Alexander Hafemann
Trumpet photography by CHAD McCULLOUGH
Cover design by JOHN BISHOP


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Fred Forney - Into The Mist
(Summit DCD 251)

  1. Into The Mist 6:39
  2. The Best Thing For You Is Me 5:41 [mp3 clip]
  3. Second Opinion 7:39
  4. My Platelets Are Low 7:32
  5. Body And Soul 6:56
  6. Caverns 11:43
  7. It’s You Or No One 8:15
  8. Lady Sings The Blues 8:04
  9. Solar 9:22 [mp3 clip]

Fred Forney - trumpet, flugelhorn
Tony Malaby - tenor saxophone
Chuck Marohnic - piano
Warren Jones, Jack Radavich, Trey Henry - bass
Dom Moio, David Hocker - drums
Grant Wolf - bass clarinet
Hugh Lovelady - clarinet
Larry Conrad - horn

Produced by Fred Forney
Recorded at the Sound Lab, Tempe, AZ August 1998
Recorded and Mixed by Clarke Rigsby

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For Teachers, Students and Professional Trumpet Players
by Fred Forney

View a sample etude - Contemporary Broadway

Medium to advance etudes simulating 1st trumpet parts found in the modern world of commercial trumpet: Studio Orchestra, Big Band, Salsa Band, Rock Band, Afro – Cuban Orchestra, Pit Orchestra and Funk Band.

The etudes stand alone as complete musical pieces that contain characteristic demands of endurance, rhythm, range and articulation, typical of commercial and contemporary music styles that are fun and in some cases, challenging to play.

The etudes are a terrific resource for teaching contemporary trumpet styles, in private instruction situations - etudes can be used for jury performance, practice, and sight reading. Etudes gradually increase in range and difficulty and are great for sight reading during the lesson or as assigned etudes supplementing other studies. For each etude, there is a philosophical lesson in trumpet, ensemble playing, or musical reminder, in addition to listening resources for the student.

For the professional trumpet player, these etudes may be used to keep chops in shape and prepare for upcoming shows. First Trumpet may be used as a “mock” performance – using the book as a show, by turning pages, as in a real Broadway or professional show performance, with all of the typical pitfalls of: page turns, handling mutes, flugelhorn and piccolo trumpet doubles and even mouthpiece changes.

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Mesa Community College Jazz Faculty – Playground

  1. Seven Steps To Heaven 4:17 [mp3 clip 1 and mp3 clip 2]
  2. Eighty – One 7:33 [mp3 clip]
  3. On A Misty Night 5:35
  4. Dreamsville 7:02
  5. The Gathering 8:24
  6. So What 5:14

Hugh Lovelady - alto, flute
Tony Malaby - tenor, soprano
Grant Wolf - bari, bs. clarinet
Fred Forney - trumpet, flugelhorn
Tom Miles - trumpet, flugelhorn
Alan Ferber - trombone
Armand Boatman - piano
Dwight Kilian - bass
Dom Moio - drums

Arranged and Produced by Fred Forney
Recorded at MCC Studios November 2000 by Andy Seagle
Proceeds go to Jazz Scholarships at Mesa Community College

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Seeds - Justice For The Earth
(Ravenswave – 9003)

  1. Justice For The Earth 4:21
  2. Be Still and Listen 6:12
  3. Val Vista 6:25 [mp3 clip]
  4. Spirits 6:00 [mp3 clip]
  5. Hummingbird 5:43 [mp3 clip]
  6. Sanctus 6:43
  7. Wish For Our Children 6:37
  8. Uncommon Touch 4:56
  9. Delicate Balance 5:27

Chuck Marohnic - piano
Fred Forney - trumpet, flugelhorn
Dwight Kilian - bass
Dom Moio - drums

Produced by Chuck Marohnic and Bob Ravenscroft
Recorded and Mixed by Clarke Rigsby, Tempest Recording, July, 2005

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Armand Boatman's Be Bop Revolution
(Tempest Records)
  1. Limehouse Blues [mp3 clip]
  2. Intentionality [mp3 clip]
  3. Fred’s Ahead
  4. Blue In Green
  5. Playin’ Hookie
  6. This I Dig Of You [mp3 clip]
  7. Funk In a Deep Freeze
  8. The Nearness Of You
  9. Friends Again

Armand Boatman - piano
Fred Forney - trumpet
Jerry Donato - tenor
Dom Moio - drums
Dwight Kilian - bass

Produced by Clarke Rigsby and the Band
Recorded on November 17, 2006 and February 9, 2007 by Clarke Rigsby at Tempest Recording



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