"Ingenious improvisation, delicate passion, incisive trumpeting and purity of tone."
- Dave Nathan, All Music Guide

"He moves with drama and mystery, the trumpet floating atop a solid rhythm section in a demonstration of applied impressionism.  Excellent and highly recommended."
- Jim Santella, All About Jazz

"Wonderfully eloquent and innovative, aspiring jazz players and aficionados alike would do well to add Into The Mist to their collection."
- Joseph Bowman, International Trumpet Guild

"Forney sorts through his lush lexicon of trumpet tones and statements like a writer immersed in creation, selecting only the most suitably beautiful phrases and inflections.  He conjures a line as a poet might, weighing its merits and strengths, then moving on to whichever idea seems the next most appropriate.  Conveying comfort and emotion in ways that appeal to the more romantic areas of the mind and heart."
- Todd S. Jenkins, American Jazz Symposium

"Thanks again for scoring me the ticket to Chorus Line.  It was sensational.  What can I say, the orchestra sounded great and that was some of the most beautiful lead playing in a Broadway Musical I've ever heard.  The volume level was perfect and the intonation was absolutely perfect.  Your sound is beautiful man, and you on that NY could be like unleashing something powerful." 
- Kevin Failoni, trumpet

"I heard a few cuts from your CD and was impressed with your group and with your sincere and unhurried sound.  What a pleasure, but not a surprise, as you have always maintained a quality that is old school and downright tastefully refreshing."
- Cindy VanHorn, voice

OA2, like its parent label Origin, has sought to give wider exposure to musicians who are deserving. Trumpeter Fred Forney has had a long career playing in symphony orchestras, in Broadway shows, with pop acts, and as a sideman, in addition to serving as director of jazz studies at Mesa Community College in Tempe, AZ, where he took part in the excellent Then and Now, which featured both student jazz ensembles and a faculty nonet. Forney leads a quartet that includes two seasoned musicians also deserving of wider recognition, pianist Chuck Marohnic and tenor saxophonist Brice Winston, along with bassist Dwight Kilian and drummer Dom Moio, who merit praise as well. Forney penned seven originals for this session and it is apparent that he is a seasoned player; not only are there no weak songs, but he knows how to pace a program, something young players often overlook when they surround themselves with fellow newbies and inexperienced producers. Nor does Forney hog the spotlight; he has the confidence to let others take the opening solos. It's hard to pick highlights, though his tense "The Mystic" with its eerie muted trumpet and tenor sax in unison, the breezy "Astoria," and his energetic opening "Nearly Human" (dedicated to his very active Labrador, Miles) all leave lasting impressions. With major labels focusing excessively on young unproven talent all too often, jazz fans will be better served by investigating small-label offerings such as Fred Forney's superb Chasing Horizons.


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